Sludge dewatering

Acting as a gravity thickener within the APATEQ systems, a sludge storage tank removes solids in the primary treatment, and sludge particles are separated by the membranes.

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The sludge from the biological stage is pumped into the sludge storage tank via a motor valve. A pressure probe measures the sludge level in the sludge tank and controls the motor valve. Next, without adding flocculants or precipitation chemicals and with long lifetime and smooth operation, a bespoke compact sludge dewatering device thickens the sludge to a level of 17% DS or greater. The dry sludge is stored in a closed compartment within the plant. Disposal of the sludge can be scheduled in intervals as long as a month.

When used in containerized wastewater treatment plants to avoid any gas release inside of the container, an integrated air management system is installed. Using sample ports installed on the tank outside wall, the operator can evaluate the current level of the sludge blanket in the tank. Depending on the volume of the sludge, different sized compact chamber-filter presses will be used.