Scrub water treatment


Compact, cost-efficient systems for installation in harbours and on board large ships to treat contaminated water resulting from the washing of exhaust gases, generated during combustion in the engines of large ships. MarinePaq meets all international environmental standards on water purification.

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Very compact

APATEQ’s very compact scrub water treatment system “MarinePaq” is available in various sizes up to 500 m³/day for installations in harbours and on board large vessels, in compliance with the water produced by installed scrubbers.

Fulfills all regulations

The system, regardless if harbour or on-board installation, removes free and emulsified hydrocarbons down to a level lower than 1 ppm and up to 99,99% of the suspended solids, thus exceeding strictest international regulations. Effluent from the MarinePaq is suitable for recirculation or direct discharge into the open sea, coastal area and harbours. SO2/CO2 ratio, PAH limits, pH and turbidity parameters are fulfilled.

Process technology

MarinePaq onshore is based on a five-step treatment system designed to fit into several shipping containers or in a fixed installation, depending on the flow capacity. Pumps drive water from a storage tank to the first treatment step, a chemical-physical pre-treatment. It removes nitrite, sulphite, partially heavy metals and hard (non-biodegradable) COD. By means of APATEQ’s unique ultrafiltration system soot and remaining suspended solids as well as free and emulsified oil are removed from the scrubber water. Specially conditioned membranes are operated in a cross-flow mode, reliably removing TSS including soot to a level of below 1 mg/l. The easily replaceable membranes of the MarinePaq excel by a long lifetime of more than five years and long intervals in between its effortless CIP (Clean In Place) procedures. To ensure a constant operation at highest performance levels between the CIP’s, frequent automatic backwash is programmed into the system. Subsequently, a granulated activated carbon filtration further reduces COD from the water by absorbing the contaminants. The post-treatment is done by selective ion-exchangers that remove nitrate and heavy metals to the needed low concentration for the direct discharge limits. Finally, sludge dewatering takes place with a fully automated chamber filter press, including an automatic filter cloth-cleaning process.

MarinePaq on board

For on-board operation, the MarinePaq is delivered skid-mounted for an easy fit into the prevailing conditions. The unit is fully automated, remote-controllable including a management system for long life filter that run over several years before requiring an exchange. The system does not require a fulltime on-site operator.

MarinePaq system onshore

For onshore treatment, the scrub water is stored on board of the vessel until it is treated at centralized on-shore harbour facility. The harbour system has typically a small footprint and is designed in sizes to meet the needs. As for on board systems, the on-shore unit is fully automated, remote-controllable including a management system for long life filter that run over several years before requiring an exchange. This system also does not require a full time on-site operator.